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Foundations have been used in buildings now for hundreds of years. These structures help to support the weight of modern buildings, while giving these buildings even slab to build up on. Because the nature of the earth is for it to always be changing, foundations help to deal with that, by keeping structures level. This, in turn, maintains the structural integrity of buildings. Foundations are meant to keep us all safe by evenly distributing weight out so that the load of a building is kept level. When slabs fail, they need to be fixed immediately and that is where we come in.


We are the premier foundation repair experts in Phoenix. We have been in service for years to this city and, over that time, we have seen it all. We have learned how to deal with every, possible foundation issue that there is and, if you are experiencing a problem, we assure you that we can help you out. Let us prove to you why we are the best at what we do. We work incredibly hard, never compromising or cutting corners so that we can make sure your foundation is performing like new.


We do our best to offer as many services as we can with regards to foundation repair. We want to be the first and only call you make. In order to do that, we offer the following types of things: concrete foundation repairs, leveling garage floor, garage floor repair, vertical foundation cracking, we can fix cracked foundation, foundation pier repair, home foundation repair, leveling basement floor, foundation inspections, crack stitching, wall crack repair, stem wall, post tension foundations, concrete grinding, fixing expansive soil and any and all other foundation related issues you may be having.

phoenix foundation repair pros foundation repair


Foundations are the base of any structure. These systems help to maintain weight distribution which, in turn, helps to keep structural integrity of buildings in tact. However, over time, foundations will start to age and be effected by outside forces. When foundations start to crack or warp or heave, it’s important to get them repaired right away. Repairing a foundation is a cost effective solution that will make sure that no major safety issues come up in the future.


Stem walls are small walls built between your actual building siding and a poured concrete slab foundation. These walls help to keep your siding safe from water drainage and annoying pests like termites. Even though these walls do a great job at protection, over time, they will start to fail. When this happens, we can come in and patch cracks or replace who pieces of the wall.

phoenix foundation repair pros stem wall repair

Phoenix Foundation Repair Pros was such a good company to work with. They were incredibly friendly and took care of our aging foundation in no time at all. We feel much safer now and could not be happier with our choice.

Mary M

phoenix foundation repair pros heave remediation


If water starts to get under your slab, one of the main issues that can be caused is heaving. Because water causes soil and clay to expand and contract, this places undue stress on your slab foundation. When the soil underneath your foundation becomes wet, the natural clay in it will start to expand; pushing your foundation up. This causes your foundation to unleveled. We can fix this situation by drying out the soil below your foundation.


Commercial foundations are a bit trickier than residential foundations because these foundations are meant to hold a much heavier load. Because these foundations are specialized foundation systems, repairs should always be done by professionals, like us. We have working knowledge of all commercial foundation types and, if there’s a problem present in yours, we guarantee we can fix it. Because of the nature of commercial structures, integrity is imperative.

phoenix foundation repair pros commercial foundation

We noticed that our foundation was literally sinking and we were terrified. Luckily, we found Phoenix Foundation Repair Pros and they came out and fixed in no time. I have no idea what magic they worked, but our slab is one completely level again. Thank you so much!

Peter V

phoenix foundation repair pros concrete lifting and leveling


While wet soil can cause heaving, by the expanding of natural clay, it can also cause an even bigger problem, which is sinking. If your foundation begins to sink, this can be a major problem because it absolutely will effect the structural integrity of your home or business. If this is happening, we have several ways that we can lift your concrete slab up; making it level for the safety of your space.


Because water leaking in to your foundation can cause major issues, one of the best things you can do is to waterproof your foundation as much as possible. There are two main ways to do that. The first is to dig drainage that will water move away from your foundation. The second is to have a membrane installed around your foundation that will act as a barrier; stopping water penetration.

phoenix foundation repair pros waterproofing

Our foundation was showing signs of aging and there were some pretty heavy cracks beginning to form. I didn’t feel right trying to fix it myself so, I gave Phoenix Foundation Repair Pros a call and they were able to come out and fill in all the cracks.

Peter V

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