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Commercial foundation is very similar to residential foundation in the way it is installed. There are similar things that need to be considered, among these: soil conditions, moisture that is present regularly and any budget constraints. What sets commercial foundation apart from residential foundation though is the estimated load amount that each type can hold. Because commercial structures are usually much, much larger than residential structures, weight and load capacity are heavy factors that need to be considered. If you need a commercial foundation laid, let us know!


If your commercial building is being built partially underground, as if to support a subterranean parking garage, pile foundation is usually used. These types of foundation can be comprised of wither single piles or multiple piles. The decision on which to use comes down to the question of how much weight this foundation will need to support. Piles are typically constructed of concrete, but depending on building size, these concrete piles can also be strengthened with steel. In some cases, usually smaller buildings, piles can also be constructed of wood, although we suggest concrete or steel.


Continuous, or spot, footing is a type of foundation that helps to distribute weight out evenly underneath a beam or post. This type of foundation takes the point of load from a column or post and spreads it out, over a wider area than normal. These types of footings are made with concrete and rebar. These footings can be applied to both piers and posts and, in commercial structures, support columns and posts. These footings are also small in nature, supporting a single point of contact, but do an incredible job of spreading out weight distribution over a larger area.


Mat foundations are basically slab foundations that are laid to be thicker, so that they can support heavier weight loads. These types of foundation are laid on top of soil and rock, on solid earth which can support it. This helps to ensure that mat foundations will not sink or warp when stress is placed upon them. Mat foundations are incredible at both shallow and deep construction. Mat foundations are also the same thickness, all the way through, which helps them to be able to support immense weight distribution. These foundations are the best choice for very large commercial structures. 


Monolithic slabs are used as foundation in smaller commercial buildings. These types of foundation are better at supporting lighter loads. These types of foundation depend on a number of other factors to help them work correctly. These foundations are coupled with grade beams and reinforcements to help spread weight distribution out; making this foundation type effective. Grade beams and the slab are both joined together in a single pour. These foundation types are used to help support walls that are all carrying a uniform amount of weight. If you have a smaller commercial building project, this is a cost effective option for you.

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