Concrete Lifting and Leveling

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If you have a slab foundation, you could fall victim to more than a few problems as your slab begins to age. While cracking can be a heavy concern, it is often easily fixable. A much bigger concern is if your slab is beginning to warp or sink. A level slab is imperative to keeping the structural integrity of your home in tact and, so, if your slab is getting to a point where it is no longer level, than something needs to be done immediately.


The newest form of slab leveling, and the most used, is a process called slabjacking. Slabjacking is used when your slab is sinking in certain parts due to poor soil or from the effects of expanding and contracting clays. With slabjacking, we come in and drill small holes directly in to your foundation. Then, through these small holes, we pump a concrete, earth and water solution that solidifies quickly and, quite literally, pushed your slab back up to a level position. We then go in and fill the holes we drilled, making your slab look and function as if it is brand new.


If your slab seems to be only slightly sinking or warping in smaller places, resurfacing could be a great option for you. Before we do this, we need to make sure that your slab warping or sinking is not causing any structural harm to your home; which would require something more done (like slabjacking). If your home’s structural integrity is in tact, but you just want your slab to look and function better, we can resurface your slab. This will give a new top-coat to the slab, leveling out the surface for a nice and even finish.


Having an unleveled slab can present you with a number of problems. For this reason it is imperative that you let us fix your slab foundation issues as soon as possible. A slab foundation that is not level will quickly ruin the structural integrity of your home. This will lead to uneven floors, which may need to be replaced. It can also lead to cracking walls, which can sot a ton of money to fix. Lastly, a warping foundation can actually pose a major threat to you and your family’s safety. If your walls start to crack, it can actually lead to walls and parts of the roof collapsing.


If you are having problems with your slab foundation, one of the ideas that might be drifting through your head is simply replacing the entire slab. While this is an option, it should only be considered as a last resort. Generally speaking, we can fix a slab, no matter what issues it is experiencing. We have several options to help your slab and they are all more cost effective than completely replacing it. If you think you need a new slab poured, let us assess your current one first and let you know your other options.

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