Foundation Repair

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Foundations are the systems that hold up pour homes and businesses. When these systems begin to fail, we can experience several issues, some of which can cause danger to ourselves, families and clients. It is a good idea to routinely check on your foundation, in order to make sure that it is still functioning as intended. Whether you have a poured slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation, we can help you out by making sure the integrity of your foundation is maintained.


The most common type of foundation is that of poured concrete. This type of foundation, commonly referred to as “slab foundation”, is a great choice for building as it can withstand most stresses placed upon it. However, with age, these types of foundation can start to crack. This is usually caused by moisture in the soil causing the soil to expand and contract. When this happens, because concrete is rigid, it doesn’t flex well. This can cause cracks to start forming. We can come in and use specialized solutions to bond your cracks and hold your slab together.


Another thing you may experience with slab foundation is parts of your slab sinking in to the soil. This usually happens if your original slab is laid on soil that isn’t fully settled or if the soil has experience some kind of trauma (such as storms or earthquakes). When your slab begins to sink, this can cause major issues for your home or business as this will cause walls to become uneven, leading to structural weakening. If this is happening to you, we have several options that we can use to pull your slab back up and make it level.


Pier and beam foundations are not commonly found in most homes these days, but this foundation system does still exist. These types of foundations are your “classic” type of foundation, in which your home is built upon wooden beams and pies. This foundation has the benefit of having a crawl space below your home, which makes it easy to fix things like leaking pipes, but it isn’t at sturdy as slab. If you have this foundation and out seems like your home is sloping, you may be in need of new piers or beams installed and we’d be happy to do this for you.


If you have a pier and beam foundation and notice that your home walls are cracking or your floor is dangerously sloping, you are probably in need of pier and beam replacement. With this type of fix, we will go under the home to find which are is failing and, when identified, we can cut in to the floor, giving us access to the foundation. Once we have the pice exposed, we have a number of different fixes we can use, including reinforced concrete/steel pier and beam fixtures, which will help to hold your foundation.

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