Heave Remediation

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One of the bigger services we offer within foundation help is that of heave remediation. Heave is a naturally occurring process that is compacted and activated thanks to water and moisture collecting underneath your foundation. When soil gets wet, it expands, causing a heave, or an upward bend, in whatever part of the foundation is being effected. If you are experiencing heaving, let us know immediately also that we can come and take care of it for you.


Foundation heave is a consequence of excess moisture collecting in the soil, under a slab foundation. Because the clays in soil naturally expand and contract due to being either wet or dry, this can cause a multitude of issues. One of these issues is heaving. Heaving happens when water drains underneath your house, either from storms or improper drainage, and the clays in the soil get wet and start to expand. Over time, this soil expansion can put stress on your slab and, actually, cause it to begin to push upwards, forming a bubble in the slab foundation.


There are several ways that we can help you to fix a foundation heave. While you may think the only thing to do is to replace your foundation entirely, this is the last, and worst, case scenario. We can actually drill holes to alleviate water build up; taking the pressure off of your slab and allowing it to settle back down. We can also put fans underneath the slab to help and dry the soil out so that it can return to level. Lastly, we can help to assess proper drainage and make sure that, in the future, this doesn’t happen to you again.


Heaving can be unsightly. It looks bad and it can add stress to your living situation. But, more than this, heaving can also be very dangerous. Because your entire home is built on top of your slab foundation, the structural integrity of your home depends on the integrity of your slab. If you slab is starting to not be level, this can lead to cracking walls and uneven floors. These two things present a number of dangers to you and your family. Uneven floors can cause tripping issues and cracking walls can lead to massive structural failures, such as parts of your roof collapsing.


Avoiding heaving is a necessity if you have a concrete slab foundation. In order to do this, the first step should be to make sure that you have good gutter and drainage systems in place. These systems help to funnel water off of your roof and then away from your foundation. Another thing to do is to make sure that the natural slope of your land is going away from your home. If your land slopes away from your home, when it storms outside, waster will naturally move away from your foundation, keeping you safe.

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