Stem Wall Repair

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Stem walls are an integral part of a concrete slab foundation system in the Phoenix area. Stem walls are meant to help protect the actual siding of the house and they are very commonly found in home with concrete slab foundation. It is a good idea to constantly keep an eye on your stem wall and to let us know if you see signs of weakening. We are always available to help repair your stem wall if you notice that it is failing.


A stem wall is a supporting structure that is constructed to help join a concrete slab foundation and the actual, vertical siding of a home or business. These structures are used to help attach the actual siding of a home or business to the concrete slab. Stem walls sit on top of the poured foundation, giving a footing for whatever structure is to be built on top of the foundation. Stem walls are purposely meant to rise above ground level, protecting the siding of a building from all manner of different things, including insects and weather conditions.


Stem walls are most commonly built from cinderblocks that are then reinforced with steel and joined together between them and the foundation with a concrete aggregate. Cinderblock is very good at heavy weight distribution and, when reinforced with steel, give an incredibly sturdy foundation for vertical walls to sit on top of. Concrete is also a great joining medium because it sets hard, is resistant to most outside forces and, if cracking, can be easily fixed. Cinderblock and steel is also weather resistant and does a very good job of keeping out unwanted pests and insects that could cause damage.


If you notice that your stem wall is beginning to crack or fail, we have a few options that we can use to fix this. The first option, and the easiest, is that, if you notice your stem wall cracking, we can come in with a concrete solution and apply it to the crack. This will bond both sides of the crack together, setting hard. If you are in need of a bigger repair, we can jack up the vertical walls of your structure and actually replace hole cinderblock sections. This is a complicated process, but will ensure the safety of your structure.


If you notice that your stem wall is failing and you do nothing about it, this can lead to some major issues for your structure integrity. If you have deep cracks forming, this can actually lead to foundation slipping, which can cause your walls to warp and crack. This is unsafe because it means that the structural integrity of your building is weakening. Another problem that can arise from lack of repair is that pests, like termites, can crawl inside your cracks and start to devour wood interiors. This, again, can lead to structural failure, which is completely dangerous.

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